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Here are the reasons to choose ZEB:

ZEB is an innovative and dynamic design studio, engaged in construction industry and yachting. Highly specialized and qualified in all construction sectors it is able to provide “turnkey” solutions, always giving maximum results with full customer satisfaction.

Passion, experience, care to the detail

In many years of experience, we gained a great sensitivity to the needs of our customers. We are very appreciated by those who choose us for our attention to details and for the passion with which we devote all our energy to the projects we develop.
If you want to know us better and learn more about the way we work, contact us without obligation. We’ll be happy to listen to your needs.

What characterizes us:

Reliability because we perform the tasks in the time and manner agreed with great efficiency and durability over time of the work.

Because, we carry out the works with quickness, precision and punctuality respecting what the quality of the finished product.

Are you a designer?

Are you a designer with original ideas and desire for innovation?
We offer you our experience and the full availability our qualified technicians,totally for free,  in co-design, to implement at best your project both during the design phase and during the preparation of the bill of quantities, allowing you to have immediate feedback on the practical, functional, and economic feasibility of your idea.
We are used to achieve the most extravagant ideas with full satisfaction of our customers: for us the “cannot be done” does not exist.
Our extensive knowledge of techniques and materials consolidated over the years is a useful support for helping professionals.

Dynamism and continuous education

ZEB is always careful to innovation, by always attending to trade fairs, conferences, webinars, seminars and courses in order to keep aligned to the dynamism of the construction market changes and to keep updated to the continuous progress of this industry.

The ongoing training of our team is a key part of our policy.


We work with the best lenders to always offer the type of deferred payments at the most advantageous conditions. Contact us to find out the methods of credit.

Integration and coordination

ZEB is a tight-knit team of professionals with an extensive experience over the years involving architects, engineers, plant engineers, interior designers, contractors and financial advisors.
The programming in team, the constructive confrontation and the interaction among the various professionalism ensures the quality of the final result, eliminating the defects caused by the lack of communication between the parties, and primarily reducing costs and production times.

Business Plan

To give a clear and precise overview of future developments, we prepare a business plan of your investment. Our technicians and designers will develop for you the economic and financial analysis to fully understand the potential of your project. Start earning consciously!

ZEB offers:

Free home inspections and estimates, three-dimensional, photo-realistic simulations, an efficient after-sales service, research and detection of electromagnetic fields, safety in the workplace, business energy plan processing for a proper assessment of the cost/benefit ratio, radon measuring useful before purchasing a plot of land.
ZEB provides its customers with its extensive experience in smart buildings, green buildings and earthquake resistant.

The right investment

We help you in doing your successful investment. We offer you our experience to prevent any mistake and to get off on right foot. We will analyze with you the budget, the interventions and the possibility of return on investment, giving you the possibility to access customized payment extension plans.


Transparency in drawing up the offering and in drafting Work Progress Reports, where each item is shown separately and accurately so that you can immediately locate the references.

An accurate estimate means a definite cost

With us, you have the possibility of having each item of your intervention clearly identified and quantified. This way, you’ll be safe not to run into surprises during processing. Our goal is to respect the agreed budget and to ensure this a good project taking into account all the production aspects is always prepared.


Real Estate Services

On customers’ request, we can take care of additional services in support of the design and implementation, such as: preliminary investigations, sites and buildings inspections, cost-benefit analysis, assistance in the acquisition or rental of real estate, land registry practices, preparation and presentation of building practices such as building permits and so on, certified accounts.

Courses and seminars

ZEB organizes throughout the year several courses and seminars suitable for providing credits; these training and information events are conducted by accredited teachers.
The courses are mainly addressed to all operators in the construction industry (architects, engineers, surveyors, craftsmen, industrial experts, building managers, workers, etc …)


ZEB guarantees its work, including finishing, either directly or with special ten-year insurance policy with a leading insurance company to give you the right safety even abroad.

Bonus project

Valid only for panel houses, making with us us your home turnkey, the cost of the project will be entirely discounted. We invest in our customers because we believe in the quality of our work. Call us for a consultation and find out how to access this offer.


Prerequisite for the conduct of our business to protect people and the environment

Fairness, transparency and moral integrity

To protect people and the environment
Code of Ethics


We have different qualifications in specialized building sectors

Qualifications and experience

We distinguish ourselves from other companies in the luxury sector, in energy conservation, in working on historic buildings
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Constantly updated through exhibitions, seminars, conferences and courses

Pioneers of new techniques.

We are always careful to the news, either for manufacturing and technological improvements in the building sector
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Online shopping

In navigating our site, did you see something interesting, you but you live far from us or simply you do not want to move?

Good! we can send you the material you want through courier; just contact us for an easy online purchase.


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