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Active House

Active House


Active Houses can be considered a sort of evolution of Passive houses. The definition of Active House applies to those buildings that do not simply satisfy all energy requirements (both thermal and electric) but which are able to produce an amount of energy greater than your own needs with the exclusive use of renewable sources (photovoltaic, solar thermal, mini-wind poower, and so on). The amount of excess energy is accumulated or sold to the public network, thereby contributing to the global modification of the modes for energy production, subtracting them more and more from the domain of fossil sources. They are three basic principles for an Active House: renewable energies, respect for the environment and comfort for occupants.

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The three main principles

  • Energy: to defined a Home as “Active” it is necessary that the entire energy needs are fulfilled by using only energies from renewable sources. Sun and wind, as usual, are the main sources of power: a combination of solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and wind turbines can provide all the energy the house needs. Obviously, as with passive homes and Near Zero Energy Buildings, it is necessary that the same building structure, by adopting passive strategies and bioclimatic criteria, is conceived in such a way as to minimize the energy needs.
  • Comfort: an active house can not fail to guarantee the highest level of thermal and environmental comfort to its inhabitants. For this reason, the building must be equipped with adequate natural ventilation systems and highly efficient lighting systems.
  • Environment: an active house can never be disjoined from the environment in which it is located. The same design must be made in such a way as to best respond to the climatic and environmental conditions of the place, in order to optimize solar intake both in winter and summer. Active houses however, are not limited to exploiting the external conditions to improve living comfort but must be designed to optimize relationships with the local context, both in terms of resource use and in taking into account the life cycle of the materials used, always preferring those solutions that have the least impact on the external environment.

These are achieved with…

 Our Active House

have their own features designed by Zeb’s staff to give you …


icona-chiavi-in-manoZEB offers a turnkey service handling all the processing phases.

ZEB’s staff takes the task of giving you the home of your dreams ready to be lived and complete in every detail.


icona-managementZEB gives you a single reference and responsible.
To blend architecture and functionality, we believe it is necessary to have an enlarged and multisectoral perspective on the implementation phases that makes each intervention faster, more accurate and more economical.


icona-atomicShape and matter are the key components for our work: we always associate the right material to the stylistic requirements of the customer to offer a wide range of choice and accuracy in the details.


icona-salvadanaioEnergy-efficient buildings are worth over 15% more than conventional buildings, with peaks over 22%. Thanks to technological innovation, comfort and functionality.


icona-servizi-immobiliariOur Active Houses meet all the accreditation criteria of Certification Bodies such as House Climate, Ark, Anab, Leed, Passivhaus, Minergie, Itaca.
All can than be certified.


icona-casa-2ZEB guarantees its own work, even the finishing, both directly and with a special ten-year insurance policy stipulated with primary insurance companies to give you the right safety even abroad.


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ZEB involves more professional figures into the system:
Architects, engineers, plant managers, interior designers, contractors and financial consultants.
The team programming, the constructive debate, and the interaction among the various professionals, ensures the quality of the final result, succeeding in removing all defects caused by the lack of communication among the parties, and mainly reducing costs and timing for the implementation..
Discover the benefits of trusting a single referent.
From Concept to Realization, we will be able to quantify your every request meeting your expectations, budgets and timelines.



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