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ZEB is building culture

In step with the new construction techniques and national and international regulations, we make available our “building culture” through free conferences valid for training credits, courses and fairs.
This facilitates updating and orientation of in an ever-evolving industry .


Since 2010 ZEB organizes conferences and courses together with professional associations and professional orders


ZEB’s goal is to facilitate and spread the knowledge of the evolution of the various building sectors in the most immediate and effective way possible, offering training courses for professionals and artisans to face this ever-changing world. Our courses are a guarantee, since they are issued by accredited lecturers!!


Courses are taught by teachers who have received accreditation and are qualified for vocational training

Issuance of certificates valid for professional training

ZEB selects the best teachers on the market to ensure a high level of professionalism. Continuous training and updating allow teachers to always be prepared and informed on the latest developments in the construction world. All teachers in our courses have obtained the qualification for professional education.


Many years of consulting in design and in construction sites, together with ZEB's continuous commitment makes it offer the best teachers


The quality of ZEB’s training is obtained thanks to a team of professionals who had several consultancy, design and certification activities over the years, as well as an overwhelming number of conferences and courses. A constant commitment and constant updating on the news, results in top-level events.

 There are 3 main types of training events

Smart & Green Buildings


Focused on everything regarding Bio-constructions (materials, design and construction techniques), domotics, and energy saving, thermal bridges, bio-building, thermal and acoustic isolation.

Fallen from the height and of a grave, confined space

Everything on high-altitude work, confined spaces, fall of a grave, work on ropes, PPE, both theoretical and practical courses with the issue of related certification as valid by law.

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Materials & Technologies

Ideal for professionals and craftsmen who do not have time to visit distant fairs or conferences, with this series of courses, almost all free, you have the opportunity to keep up-to-date and touch with your hand all the novelties (plant, finishes, construction materials, insulators , Etc …) in the building world.

Futures events

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