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Come to us and you’ll discover how to fulfill them

Would you like to live in a cozy house practical, clean, dust-free, silent, economic, which produces more energy than it consumes, which is environmentally friendly, technologically advanced and doing for you anything you desire?

Now you have who can build it for you … ZEB!

ZEB is a comprehensive design studio in the building industry, with the desire to join a more than twenty years experience in all the specialized sectors of this field under just one logo, and that aims at proposing to its customers a product always innovative and of excellence.
The quality of ZEB is the best investment for our customers.

We are what we repeatedly do. For us excellence is not an action, it’s a practice.


ZEB smart ideas for a new world

Here are our assets:


Our philosophy

Our goal is the welfare and the comfort of the person, in a context that is fully integrated with the environment.

In a view of globalization, we are structured to apply a Building Management that puts together in full synergy all the skills and know-how of the companies composing ZEB.


Our experience

Our more than twenty years of experience together with our technical knowledge, allow us to face with competence and operational skill the needs of our customers, to reach results of great quality and durability. All this by using only certified and quality materials.


Our organization

In order to give a timely and quality service our technical staff is highly specialized, specially trained and qualified in every area of our operation.
ZEB invests in the constant training and refresher education of its employees.
This results into a guarantee of reliability and professionalism, in order to be a qualified and preferred interlocutor to fulfill all the expectations of our customers, responding to their needs with precision and punctuality.

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